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Each moment is unique and cannot be repeated. Learn to make the most of every moment and fulfill your potential.

The Book of Ichigo Ichie

The Book of Ichigo Ichie

by Héctor García


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Become A Moment Hunter And Fulfill Your Potential

What we are experiencing right now will never happen again. We must value each moment like a beautiful treasure. If we let it slip, it will be lost forever.

Becoming aware of ichigo ichie helps us remember that each morning we spend in the world, every moment we spend with our children and ...

Tea Ceremony as a Unique encounter

Each tea ceremony should be treated with great attention because it is ichigo ichie, which is to say, a unique encounter in time. Even though the host and guests may see each other daily, the gathering can never be exactly repeated.

The host should thus show true sincerity and take the grea...

Blossoming To Your Full Potential

Sakura is visible proof of how the most beautiful things in life are fleeting and can’t be postponed.

Kaika indicates the early buds of Sakura. A kaika moment, is when something unknown begins to blossom within us.

When kaika is transformative, we want to turn it into mankai, the ful...

Ikigai and Manifesting Your Natural Abilities

Ikigai: discovering something we become passionate about and which also comes easily to us.

Kaika: making room for our passion, allowing the reason we feel we were put on the earth to begin to blossom.

Mankai: we reach mankai by staying ...

4 Basic Emotions

There are 4 key emotions that leave a mark on your life:

  • Anger: evolutionary emotion that enabled to face danger effectively. It keeps us in the past and prevents us from enjoying the present.
  • Sadness: healthy sadness is due to a loss and is us...


When you are mindful, you are fully aware of your surroundings and of yourself in the present. Mindfulness increases the time that you swim with your head above water, when you can see both potential dangers and pleasures. When you are mindful, you are aware of your po...


“You will find Zen in your everyday life, if you dedicate yourself passionately to what you love. . . . You can still have a spiritual life while you run your business.” Describing Ikigai to Steve Jobs


  1. Just sit and see what happens
  2. Savor this moment as if it were your last breath
  3. Avoid distractions
  4. Free yourself from everything that is not essential
  5. Be your own friend: you a...

10 Rules Of Ichigo Ichie (part 1)

1. Don’t postpone special moments. If you don’t embrace it, it’s lost forever.

2. Live as if this were going to happen only once in your life. Be aware of the unique and once-in-a-lifetime nature of each meeting.

3. Dwell in the present.

10 Rules Of Ichigo Ichie (part 2)

6. Apply mindfulness to your five senses. Train yourself in the art of listening, watching, touching, tasting, and smelling to give each moment the richness of human perception.

7. Notice Coincidences. A journal in which we keep notes of these moments of d...

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Lesson form Book "ikigai" by Hector Garcia



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