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Useful tips on how to achieve happiness and joy in life 🙌


Health and happiness go hand in hand - Harvard Health

Health and happiness go hand in hand - Harvard Health


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Happy-go-lucky ☺

Research shows that you can increase your own happiness.

On average 50% of a person's general level of happiness is determined by genetics.

40% is under your own control.

The remaining 10% depends on circumstances.

Describing yourself as a happy person

Even if you don't consider yourself happy, there is a good chance you have some power to change it.

Work On Happiness

Ofcourse it's a challenge for even a happy-go-lucky person to remain upbeat.

Like any aspect of wellness, happiness is a constant work in progress.

No matter your current state of happiness, there are ways to boost your outlook and give your mental health a life.

Stay Connected

The Harvard study led by Dr Robert Waldinger, director of the longest running study on happiness, found a strong link between happiness and close relationships with family and friends.

Personal connection creates emotional stimulation, which is an automatic mood booster, while isolation is a mood buster.

Raise Your Hand

If you want to feel a sense of purpose and improve your mood, consider volunteering projects.

Take the initiative to be a good neighbour by keeping the streets tidy from litter.

Research has shown that this positive effect was especially strong in adults.

Perform Regular Acts Of Genuine Kindness

The planning and the deliberate intention to do good for others can have an important effect on one's wellbeing.

Altruistic kindness refers to a selfless act of kindness which can stimulate the same pleasure centres of the brain activated when...

Find Your Inner Child

When you are older, you may have the chance to revisit activities that gave you joy as a child or young adult.

What made you happy when you were younger?

Pick up those hobbies, games, sports, or other interests from your youth.

Buy More Time

Research studies have shown that no matter a person's income, spending money on time saving purchases, such as paying to delegate household chores, have a greater life satisfaction.

You can support small businesses such as cleaning ladies to pu...

Invest In Experience

Money can buy happiness through life experiences.

Opt for a dinner in an ethnic restaurant, or an art exhibition. The investment can have a lasting impact.

Studies have shown that people who spend money on life experiences have longer term satisfaction, as they crea...

See More Green

A study looked at urban green spaces and their effect on citizens in 90 cities worldwide.

It found that people's happiness correlated with the areas amount of urban green space, regardless of the country's economic state.

Creating your own green space can have a similar ef...

Break Up Your Routines

Having more variety in your daily routines can make one feel happier.

Even small changes can have a big impact.

Research results show that altering ones regular pattern, such as trying a new excercise program every few weeks, listening to p...

Count Your Blessings

Set time aside to write down the things you are grateful for in your life.

It could be something you take for granted such as

  • A roof over your head
  • A supportive family
  • Something simple like recieving a compliment

Make Fewer Decisions

Research has found that when people are given more options, they have more opportunities for regret and worry.

To protect your happiness, limit the amount of time you give yourself to choose, or pick between fewer options.

Don't allow yourself to second guess the decision once...

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These are important to me as I resonate so much with eudaimonic concept of happiness. :)



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