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A Mountain Trek can teach you a lot.


Life Lessons from a Mountain Trek

Life Lessons from a Mountain Trek


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Be the hero, you seek

The insurmountable mountain top in picture, few steep climbs and heavy breaths later. May be we should do this tomorrow, we did start late as the hotel owner said. There is a mid way cafe, we can chill there and go down and tomorrow get a fresh start.

Is it this or we are already giving up ...

Different people have different opinions, find yours

How far to the top?

“You will reach by evening.”, it was only 10.30a.m. 🤨

“Some said 5–6 , some said by 4–5” .

Then some one says 2–3 and some one finally said “1.30, you guys are making quick time.”

The small note of encouragement put a spring to our feet. Suddenly, the...

Big Goals, small actions

One step at a time, take immediate action not overwhelmed by large goals.

The mountain on the whole looks daunting. But when you think I will take 10 steps and see. And then you take 10 steps. When the 10 steps will tough, you say let’s take one step and see. And we literally did this, as w...

Don’t be blinded by your goals

Stop, take a deep breath and look back. Soak in where you are, plan again where you want to go. Look at the last once unsurmountable point on the mountain, now seems like a distant victory. Then look around, soak in where you have reached and then look at the next unsurmountable peak and remind y...

You can do more than the limit you set for yourself

Mind wants to protect you, it will try to run in opposite direction. To save you from the physical and the mental pain of giving up. It will prefer, I could have but never tried . But, if you block it and keep going. New paths will open up. New belief system will develop.

When you ...

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