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Another Physiological effect that you must utilize in your designs to create more effective and goal oriented designs


Status Quo Bias - The Decision Lab

Status Quo Bias - The Decision Lab


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Another name for the Default Bias is the Status Quo Bias

The Default Bias states that people tend to stick to the default thinking that it is some sort of recommendation.

We Do This whe...

Some examples is with a lot of game settings, users tend to stick with the default and only change it when they are experienced.

Another example of this is with the voicemail on our phone, rarely do we change the settings on our phone.

To use the application of this effect when you want users to opt into an email allow the functionality of facebook and google making the process more smooth.

Another way that you can apply this in your designs is by having the default to be opt-in because people are more likely to not chang...

Tools and Design principles might change but human thinking does not.

If you want to create higher quality designs and generate more conversions then you should care about psychological effects such as these.

This effect is consistent with the loss of aversion tendency that humans have.

  • We as humans think that sticking with the default is the safe thing to do
  • Decision Making Can Be Overwhelming

When faced with a choice humans have learned over time that the status quo is...

Utilizing the Status Quo Bias can also help you in your daily life when you realize yourself avoiding taking an action out of fear or laziness you will be able to reprogram your thinking

You can avoid the Status Quo Bias In your life by

  • Constantly Analyze all the decisions and op...

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