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Why workers are choosing big pay packets over flexibility

Why workers are choosing big pay packets over flexibility



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Back To The Green Dough

 Now that millions of employees have enjoyed the ability to work remotely and shape their schedules, workers are increasingly reticent to give up flexibility – and would consider making sacrifices to have accommodating jobs. Earlier in the pandemic, large swaths of workers reported willingness to...

Looking For Better Paying Roles

Both knowledge- and blue-collar workers with particularly in-demand skillsets are enjoying sharp salary rises, as labour shortages impact some industries. These hikes are coming as workers of all stripes are facing rising living costs – and wondering if they, too, could find a better-paying role ...

Asking Both Work-Life Balance And Competitive Pay

  • Flexibility and company values are still important factors for workers, but they're only the difference-maker when the salaries are comparable.
  • The companies "winning the race" for staff will be those who can offer both the work-life balance policies workers say they want and competi...

Talent Shortage Across All Sectors

  • More than half (56%) of executive managers in a recent survey said they were starting to be faced with pay compression, where existing staff end up on lower salaries than new recruits
  • Petrol prices are at an all-time high; transport fares have increased, and food and other essentials...

  • Rising costs mean that workers who can do their jobs from home are understandably reluctant to head to the office unless they absolutely need to.
  • Some companies are cognisant of employees' concerns and are offering practical solutions aimed at alleviating costs related to office days...

Skewing The Career Perception For Youngsters

  • Graduates are being handed six-figure salaries as a recruitment tool amid the current labour market conditions.
  • In some cases, these workers may find themselves trapped in jobs they hate, especially if workers have built lifestyles around earning big pay-outs.
  • Such wages can ...

  • Six-figure starting salaries will probably continue to be the norm in certain high-paying industries like Big Tech and Big Pharma.
  • It's unlikely there'll be much of a trickle-down effect for entry-level workers in less elite sectors in other sectors.



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