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Why companies don't post salaries in job adverts

Why companies don't post salaries in job adverts

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Salary transparency

Salary transparency

In traditional corporate environments, the salary is often hidden because it’s a game of cat and mouse trying to figure out what salary the candidate is currently on, what they’re expecting, and what the company is willing to pay.

But this lack of disclosure hurts workers. Knowing the expected salary upfront lets a candidate understand whether a job will be financially viable for them. It also streamlines conversations later in the hiring process.


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Why companies don't post salaries in job adverts

  • Employers don’t want to publicize how much they pay because it’s going to create resentment among organizational members. In certain labor markets, employers may have to pay higher salaries to attract the best talent, which could cause conflict internally if existing employees.
  • When you make compensation public it makes it easier for the competition to poach your employees.
  • Many employers also withhold salary information to give them more negotiation leverage with potential candidates as they advance to latter stages in a recruitment process – particularly as more jobs go remote. 
  • Some companies also fear that if they list a salary band, all applicants will expect to receive the figure at the top end of that range, even if that figure is only reserved for the most qualified candidates.


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