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What Happens When We Reconnect With Nature - Mindful

What Happens When We Reconnect With Nature - Mindful



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"The Nature Fix"

Nature is always changing, evolving, letting go, surrendering, adapting, dying—revealing to us how it is to be alive. 

These are beautiful lessons. If we are present in our lives, we can awaken to our own true nature and experience being more fully alive. 

Think of a time recently whe...

A Sense of Well-Being

 As you connect to and learn to become fully present to these experiences, you can begin to feel that you, too, can experience a sense of innate well-being.

The potential to bloom and open, the solidity and fluidity you perceive in nature are all present within, for you to connect with and...


The heart of mindfulness practice is establishing a clear and kind relationship with what is here in this moment, skillfully responding to and engaging with life. 

Traditional mindfulness practice is intended to support the development of awareness through specific meditations that emphasiz...

Inner Experiences

For some people (especially those who have experienced trauma), this learning format can be challenging, requiring more effort and giving rise to feelings of being stuck or unsafe.

Practicing mindfulness in the support and community of nature can alleviate some of these difficulties. 

Natural Landscape

We are likely to feel more naturally present and curious about our inner landscape when we are supported by a natural landscape.

Nature herself provides the container for a mindfulness practice that reduces the need to try or “do” and instead helps us to sense and receive what is arising a...

Formal & Informal Practice

We know that being in nature can slow the heart rate, reduce levels of stress hormones, and help our brains to orient to calm and natural alertness, all of which are conducive to the practice of mindfulness. 

Mindfulness practice can be both formal and informal. For formal practice, you des...

Vasteness of Nature

To develop your informal practice of mindfulness, you bring mindful awareness to activities throughout the day, such as eating, drinking, showering, dressing, cooking, talking, driving, texting, and sending email. 

Nature supports both formal and informal mindfulness. Beautiful outdoor sett...

At Home in Nature

Awareness of nature supports our informal practice of mindfulness, teaching us to be present in our day-to-day lives. 

Mindfulness in nature gives us the opportunity to awaken to what is within us as well as around us, to heal and live skillfully. 

By practicing mindfulness in nature,...

Our Inner Landscape

 As this sense of embodiment grows, we develop an increased ability to be kindly present to all that is arising in our inner landscape—in our sensations, body, mind, and heart—as well as in the external landscape, responding to what is happening as it unfolds.

Mindfulness in nature gives u...

Practicing Mindfulness

 By practicing mindfulness in nature, you awaken your inner sense of safety, well-being, and connection. You can learn to step out of patterns of reactivity and into patterns of healing, wholeness, and healthy living.

6 Ways Nature Boosts Our Mental and Emotional Health 

The average A...

Returning to Nature

 This disengagement from the natural world is associated with increased rates of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, among other problems. At the same time, interest is growing in the ways nature can restore our health and well-being.

Research has shown that nature can improve vision, me...

"The Nature Fix"

Florence Williams, in her book The Nature Fix, reports the following findings from research into the benefits of nature for humans:

After five minutes in a forest surrounded by trees, the heart rate slows, facial musc...

Spending 15 minutes in nature can reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Spending time in natural landscapes increases alpha waves in the brain, which are associated with calm and alertness.

Spending an hour and a half in nature reduces rumination and help...

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