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The 11 Laws Of Likability

1. The law of authenticity – the real you is the best you.

2. The law of self-image – before others will like you, you have to like yourself.

3. The law of perception – how you perceive others is your reality about them and the same is true for them of you.

4. The law of energy – energy is contagious – what we project, we receive.


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5. The law of curiosity – curiosity leads to connections.

6. The law of listening – others won’t understand you until they feel heard and understood.

7. The law of similarity – people like people like them.

8. The law of mood memory – people are more likely to remember how you made them feel than what you said.


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9. The law of familiarity – people feel comfortable with who and what they know.

10. The law of giving: give first – do because you can.

11. The law of patience – with time, things happen.


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