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  • The Flooding Smile: Pause a second and smile.
  • Sticky Eyes: Notice eye color.
  • Epoxy Eyes: Keep looking at the person, even when someone else is talking.
  • Hang by your teeth: Pretend you are hanging by your teeth. Head up.
  • The big baby pivot: Show how much you like them. Undivided attention.
  • Hello old friend: See a new person as an old friend.
  • Limit the fidget: Keep your hands away from your face.


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  • Hans horse sense: Keep a keen eye on how your listener is reacting.
  • Watch the scene before you make the scene: VISUALIZE yourself a Super Somebody.
  • Make a mood match: Copy their mood and postures.
  • Prosaic with passion: Tone is more important than words.
  • Always wear a “What’s It”: Wear or Carry something unusual (for attention).
  • Who is that?: Make your friend to introduce you to others.


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  • Never the naked city: Never give a one-word answer about your city.
  • Be a good word detective: listen more than talking.
  • Parroting: Repeat the last few words.
  • Encore: Request them to the repeat performance.(sing,dance,joke..)
  • Accentuate the positive: And eliminate the negative.
  • The latest news: Know what’s trending.
  • What do you do,NOT!: Instead ask, “how do you spend most of your time?”.


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  • The nutshell resume: Pack a nutshell about your own life.
  • Your personal thesaurus: Try out a few new words.
  • Kill the quick “me too”: Delay revealing your similarity, or let them discover it.
  • Comm-YOU-nication: Start every sentence with “you”.
  • The exclusive smile: Reserve an big, flooding smile for your important ones.
  • Use Jawsmith’s Jive: Make ’em rhyme, make ’em clever, make ’em funny, make ’em relevant.


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  • Call a Spade a Spade: Don't hide behind euphemisms. 
  • Trash the teasing: Never make a joke at anyone else's expense.
  • It’s the receivers ball: Deliver with the appropriate emotional emphasis.
  • The broken record: When someone questions on an unwelcome topic , repeat your original response.
  • Never the naked thank you: Say “thank you for…” (reason)
  • Scramble therapy: Participate in activities you’d never think of indulging in.
  • Baring Their Hot Button: Ask the hottest issues going on in their field.


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