How To Keep Making Gains At Every Training Level (Simply Explained) - Deepstash
How To Keep Making Gains At Every Training Level (Simply Explained)

How To Keep Making Gains At Every Training Level (Simply Explained)

Curated from: Jeff Nippard

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No matter of your training levels nutrition will usually be the same with the main thing being Total caloric intake

You know the drill be in a caloric surplus if you want to gain muscle and a deficit if you want to lose fat

Be between 0.7-1g of protein per day for maximum gains


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Beginner Training Advice

I’m your first years of training you should be able to put on a good amount of weight and muscle

Techniques: Learn about proper techniques and full range of motions controlling the motion and breathing properly

Linear Progressions: Pick primary exercises and then add weight to it with every week with the same amount of rep

Proximity to Failure: You should be at the point where you can’t lift anymore at the end of a set


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Intermediate Training Advicd

Progressive overload: You quickly learn that you can’t simply add more weight, it won’t be as linear so you implement Rep overload adding one rep

Rotating Exercises: Don’t do the same exercises day in and out rather mix it up and target different parts of the muscle group


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Advanced Training Advice

Specialization: Dedicate a set period of time and blast them with more volume to target those muscles for growth

Intensity Techniques: Drop sets, Myoreps and Eccentric-Accetilated Reps. These techniques can help grow your muscles just be careful not to overdo them

Experiment with training techniques: Try hitting each body part for 2 a week.


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