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10 Unique Perspectives On What Makes A Great Leader

10 Unique Perspectives On What Makes A Great Leader


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10 Unique Perspectives On What Makes A Great Leader

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Significant Ways That Make Great Leaders Different From Us .

If you're looking to become a great leader--as a manager, as a boss, as an entrepreneur--you must start from the qualities that make you different from the rest . Let's go through those important traits .


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1. Make people feel valuable .

People need to be valued. Great leaders make people feel that they are at the heart, that they're part of making things happen.


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2. Make the time to connect.

Spend time getting to know those you're leading. Don't lord it over anyone; instead, listen. When you connect, you are investing in building even more connection.


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3. Be honest and straightforward even when the news is bad.

Always speak honestly and with candor. Show that you are not afraid to speak the truth in any situation


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4. Take the heat.

If the blame is yours--whether because of your direct action, an unsuccessful strategy, or a failure of your leadership--accept it. Don't make excuses, pass the buck, or throw others under the bus.


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5. Share the credit.

The best leaders know that they could not have accomplished much on their own. It takes a team, a group, to make things happen, so give each member of that team credit for your success.


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6. Build team spirit, and encourage inclusiveness .

Place a higher value on team spirit than achievement. When you concentrate on spirit, you gain long-term success.


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7. Have Faith in Their Beliefs .

“It’s a mix of a lot of things, but first and foremost it’s about having faith in your beliefs. You can’t expect others to consider you a leader unless you have solid faith in your ideas. And once it’s there, you build on it by being a good communicator, listening to others, setting examples and by putting your best foot forward and not giving up. Leadership is all about being passionate about what you do, and having confidence in yourself and your followers whom you have to motivate and inspire.”


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8. Articulate a Clear Vision

A great leader posses a clear vision, is courageous, has integrity, honesty, humility and clear focus. He or she is a strategic planner and believes in teamwork. Great leaders help people reach their goals, are not afraid to hire people that might be better than them and take pride in the accomplishments of those they help along the way .


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9. Push People to Be Their Best .

Great leaders have clarity of purpose and are great at articulating their beliefs. I aspire to be the kind of leader that pushes people to be the very best they can be but still make people feel safe because it starts with the heart.


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10. Make the Hard Choice .

Great leaders make the hard choice, and self-sacrifice in order to enhance the lives of others around them. As a business owner, not only does your family rely on you – so too, do the families of those who work for you. Each employee has a family. Even if you’re a small business owner with four employees, you’re in essence potentially responsible for an additional ten or fifteen people.

Being an effective leader requires constant focus, perseverance and building a team that is accountable and designed get results. Without the team there can be no real leadership.


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