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How to Start Working Out at Home

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How to Start Working Out at Home

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Understanding your doubt is the first step to using it

Understanding your doubt is the first step to using it

Doubt can be a defining emotion that enables us to go deeper and deeper into our work, a driving force for exploration and depth. Left unchecked, doubt can dull and drain creative energy.

We all know of moments in our own lives when doubt rears its head and blocks us. After we've done the work to unpack the doubt, we need to allow our confidence to grow stronger.


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Confidence comes with effort

You have to earn it.

During the moment that it feels the worst, when you feel sick to the pit of your stomach, your brain scrambles a mile a minute, you can barely breathe, and your knees are shaking, decide to stay with it and earn the confidence that makes the situation more bearable for next time.


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Learn from other people-don't compete with them

The only way to build confidence and believe in yourself is to try something, learn from it, and do it again.

Remember that the person in front of you is doing it. Self-doubt is a starting point for exploration, not confrontation.


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