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Do We Need the Self?

  • No, we do not need to identify with it 24/7.
  • When we identify with the self, we live in fear, anxiety, stress, and suffering. When we are able to identify ourselves with that which has no boundaries, there is no fear.


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Right View

  • Having no particular, fixed view means seeing that all views are limited, that no particular view is the only view.
  • “Actually, the right view is no view.”
  • Imagine six blind guys who have never seen an elephant before and are each touching a different part of the big old animal, describing what an elephant is. The first blind man grabs the tail and says the elephant is like a rope. The second one grabs the leg and is certain it's like a pillar. The third touches the trunk and thinks it's a tree branch. The others all have different perspectives.


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The Limitation of Thinking Your Perspective is the Absolute Truth

  • Ken Wilber likes to talk about “partial truths”.
  • No one is smart enough to be either 100% right or 100% wrong.
  • There's always a partial truth to a perspective-no matter how limited.
  • We get in trouble when we think our perspective is always right.
  • It is important to shift perspectives consistently.


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A Maserati Stuck in First Gear

  • It doesn't matter what gear you're stuck in, if you can't shift as life demands, your car is dysfunctional. Same with our lives.
  • When the mind is stuck, you're in dukkha (usually translated from the Sanskrit as suffering), which literally means a wheel whose hub doesn't move.
  • Experience sukkha, a liberated wheel, a freed-up wheel, which means liberation, nirvana.


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A Dysfunctional Company

  • A company where no one knows their job title, job description, or what they're supposed to be doing is going to be a company in suffering, in shambles.
  • It's hard to run a company when you don't know what your employees' jobs are.


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Integrated Feminine/Masculine Compassion

  • Genpo leads us through a systematic dialogue with a number of our “key employees” to get a sense of who they are, what they do, and what's important to them while we clarify their roles.
  • Every aspect of the self has its own innate wisdom.
  • If we would simply allow every voice to be heard, to be appreciated, and to be honored, we as human beings would live a much healthier, happier, and joyful life.
  • By denying or suppressing any aspect, we are creating a problem both for the self and for others.


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Feminine and Masculine Compassion

One is nurturing and supportive. The other is ruthless and decisive. BOTH are essential for an integrated compassion.


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“I include all the aspects of the self, all the dualistic voices and Big Mind, the non-dual, no-self, and I transcend them. I am also known as the Master, or the Unique Self. I am absolutely unique, there is no one else in the entire world exactly like me. I have no need to prove anything or to be special, since I am special and unique to begin with.”



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“That’s the beautiful thing, that’s the secret: to want what you get rather than trying to get what you want, because that seems like a never-ending battle, and a losing battle at that. We seem to always get what we need, though. So when we want what we get, it’s really like wanting what we need.”



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“I am the True Self. In other words, I am the one that truly transcends. The Non-Dual is still not truly transcendent because somehow it sees itself as better or greater than the dual, which is still very dualistic. I embrace desires and seeking and fear and distinctions. I embrace them all, but I am not bound by them, I’m not attached to them. I can have a desire, and drop the desire if it’s not fulfilled… I don’t get stuck anywhere.”



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Can You Imagine?

  • “Can you imagine a world where everybody was free, happy, and joyful, where everybody came from a place of generosity and giving freely without any strings attached? Can you just imagine this world? It’s almost impossible to imagine, it would be such a different place.
  • Well, that’s our work. That’s what we’re here to do. That’s what this book is all about. If enough of us can get to that level of consciousness, I believe the whole planet, would be transformed.”
  • That’s the Voice of Generosity.


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Sharing key insights from top books, podcasts, and beyond. Embrace the path of continuous learning with me.


Here we will explore some of Genpo Merzel's ideas, including how the root of suffering (dukkha) is getting stuck in one perspective and how that is as effective as having a Maserati stuck in first gear.


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