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What Fitness Pros Do When They Don't Feel Like Working Out

What Fitness Pros Do When They Don't Feel Like Working Out


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What Fitness Pros Do When They Don't Feel Like Working Out

Fitness Freaks And Their Regimes

There’s a popular adage in the fitness community that you never regret a workout. And while that generally may be true, there are simply some days your mind doesn’t care and urges you to avoid it anyway.

This is not only perfectly normal; it’s totally acceptable. The notion that you should force yourself into tough workouts creates an unsustainable and poor relationship with exercise.


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Sometimes, Just Don’t Work Out

Recovery is vital in any fitness routine. Recovery might mean simply walking or cycling to keep the body moving, or taking a break altogether ― and that’s OK. It’s all about listening to your body and not pushing yourself to a point where you end up hating exercise.

Just as when you wake up feeling rested from a good night’s sleep, a rest day will give your body that same opportunity to meet your next workout with energy and enthusiasm.


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Your Fitness Levels Can Change

  • What you may have been able to conquer yesterday may not be the same today.
  • You will always have to take care of your fitness, but the way you move your body will change.
  • Your mind is just as important as your body. Just having a 'sweat session' isn't all there is to fitness.


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Commit to Doing Just a Few Minutes

  • Your workout doesn't need to be long in order for you to reap the benefits
  • Finding an enjoyable way to move your body for a short period of time can be just as effective
  • It's not just about the workout. It's about your peace of mind and quality of life
  • Buy a  good workout set, because clothes make us feel good.


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Keep It Moving, Keep It Fun

  • Blast some good music before getting started
  • Keep it simple and relaxed. Don't pressure yourself to have your best performance.
  • Stretch or find a gentle way to move their body.
  • Prioritize stretching and foam rolling: use a foam roller to activate your glutes and other muscles to feel good each day.
  • Fitness feels easier when it's an activity you don't hate.
  • Find a fun way to move that feels more like play.


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The Bottom Line: Think About Your Future

  • If you don't feel like going to the gym, don't pressure yourself to have the best workout, and instead encourage yourself to move for the sake of consistency, the next workout will be that much easier.
  • The act of restarting is most often more challenging than the workout itself.


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