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Buidling your Branding | LinkedIn

Buidling your Branding | LinkedIn


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Buidling your Branding | LinkedIn

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Brand Touchpoints to make you a Brand

A business needs to build a personal brand. It is misunderstood that brand design means a logo. Everybody has a logo. There are 10 zillion logos in the world. So if you design a great logo, that's not a brand.

There are a few brand touch points like your website and email or print, broadcast e-commerce, social media, video, and digital marketing that show off your brand. 


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First of all, we need to have a logo. It should probably have very few clours. Do not have more than three colours.


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A font is a brand identity like a logo. Have a font or two. Fonts also have a personality, like Serif Fonts, Son Serif Fonts, or handwritten fonts. Fonts say a lot about your brand, so choose ones that are consistent.


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Colour Palette

Colour has incredible psychological power. Colours mean things. The colour palette should have 3–4 or 5 colours so that you can talk about the strategy of what you do and what it is that you offer. Colours speak to consumers. Select colour not based on what is your favourite but on what consumers like and to which they respond.


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Pattern and Texture

 Companies like Louis Vitton follow a pattern on all their bags. Meanwhile, Apple has a brushed metal finish on its products.


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Photography & Animation

 There are millions of styles of photography and you need to choose the one that suits your brand which needs to be maintained consistently.


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Illustration & Iconography

 Like photography, there are millions of illustrations. Select the right one that syncs with your logo and colour palette consistently to establish a visual vocabulary for your brand that is recognisable.


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 Many companies fail to identify sound as part of the brand. "Intel is one such company that has made its signature sound," Bum, Bum, Bum, that when one hears it immediately recalls the brand, "Intel Inside."


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 A particular layout or style needs to be maintained consistently across all your brand touchpoints.


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The Tone of Voice

The Tone of Voice: What does your brand sound like, formal, joky, informal, serious, funny, etc. The copy of your website or tweet or your writing.


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