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Monetisation Secrets from Jake Mor

Monetisation Secrets from Jake Mor


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Monetisation Secrets from Jake Mor

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Paywalls Views Matter

Seeing paywalls is key for revenue on consumer apps. 

  • Most important metric is App Install → Paywall. Revenue moves (almost linearly) with this metric.
  • Second most important metric. Paywall views per free user. Around the 7th paywall view on average.

Best setup to start with: Paywall BEFORE Onboarding + Paywall AFTER Onboarding + Paywall EVERY App Open. Best if the first paywall includes a screen recording. Show the user exactly what they are getting with a free trial.

Send push notifications out daily. Each app open = paywall view.


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Constantly lower price with drip campaigns

Run drip campaigns:

  1. Lower prices on day 0, day 3, day 7, day 14, day 30.
  2. Send reminders via push but also SMS or email
  3. Link to web checkout: You should have a URL like… that deep links to your app after purchase.


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Use Sales

Sales can account for 20% of total revenue:

  • Christmas
  • Black Friday
  • New Years
  • Memorial Day
  • Labor Day
  • Spring Sale
  • Fall Sale
  • Summer Sale
  • Father’s Day
  • Mother’s Day

Offer a discount like 50% off.


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Price testing is useful but not as important as one may expect. First test weekly prices. Then monthly. Then annual. Analyze cohorts over time:

  • For weekly, test $1.99, $2.99, $3.99, $4.99, $7.99, $9.99. Test 3 and 7 day trials. When you find a winner, go onto monthly.
  • For monthly, test $4.99, $7.99, $9.99, $12.49, $14.99, $19.99, $29.99, $49,99. Test 3 or 7 day trials. When you find a winner, go onto yearly.
  • For yearly, test $29.99, $39.99, $49.99, $59.99, $89.99, $119.99, $129.99, $149.99, $189.99.

Alos test 3 and 7 day trials.


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Winback campaign with discounts

Hide a cheaper priced plan in your subscription group. For ex, offer users $89.99/yr in app, but add a $59.99/yr product called Secret Discount.

When users go to cancel, they'll see the discount. I've seen setups increase revenue by 10%.

If the user cancels their trial, add a floating UI above your app’s homescreen showing them # of days till their trial expires. Link to a paywall with a discount.


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Dynamic User Surveys

  • You must also be able to change questions very easily. Simplest setup is to show typeform surveys on app open. Add app user id as a hidden parameter. This lets you change questions over time.
  • Send two types of surveys out: trial cancel survey & product market fit (Asking how would user feel if the product went away). Use local notifications for trial cancel surveys.
  • For trial cancel survey, ask the following (1) why did you cancel? (Multiple choice) (2) how can we improve (free response). End with a discount via Stripe.


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Get More Ratings

  • The first rating request should be as fast as possible. Maybe even in the onboarding. Introduced with the text "How is it going so far?"
  • If the user completed a survey with a question "Why do you love the app?" use that text for the review. 
  • After your first rating request, only ask for an in app rating after the use of a core feature.
  • Only ask if the app version is different from the last time you asked for a rating.


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You must balance completion rates and paywall conversion rates. Higher completion rate = more paywall views. Longer onboarding = higher paywall conversion rates (due to sunk cost bias).

  • Personal info like name, age, email etc. have the lowest completion rates. Offload as much as possible to after a paywall view.
  • Sort each step in descending completion rate. Lowest converting steps will have a higher chance of converting at the end due to Sunk Cost bias.
  • First paywall test should test your messaging. This will inform everything from feature development to later iterations.


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When your paywall is dismissed w/o paying, ask why in a free response survey.

Use responses determine multiple choice Qs. Use a word cloud to analyse free responses.


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Remotely Update Your Paywalls

Being able to remotely update your paywall is essential.

Use Firebase's Remote Config to alter pricing, text and images remotely. You can simulate a fully remotely-configurable paywall by using images as static UI elements.


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Keyword at the beginning of your Title and Subtitle carry far more weight than those at the end. Frontload ing keywords is a popular hack. This is the time to care LESS about your brand and MORE about being practical.

Use Apple Ads to find the best keywords for your description:

  1. Overpay for clicks if you need to. Don't worry about profitability
  2. Send keyword attribution to your analytics tracking & see which have highest install to paid conversion & 30d retention rates.
  3. Take the top result & change your app's title to “Keyword - App Name”.
  4. Use the rest in your subtitle. Don’t worry about grammar.


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Create in-app events via App Store Connect. Titles you use can rank organically in search results.

Hint: If you choose a start date of around 1hr after you submit for review, your app review will be expidited.


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  • Use native ad SDKs when you can. No need to use Appsflyer for Facebook ads.
  • With FB, stick to Automated App Ads (AAA). They let you upload 50 images or videos and 5 sets of text. They handle the rest (including audience).
  • Optimize for trial starts if you have enough events
  • Create two AAA campaigns to begin with. Tier 1 targeting only the US. Tier 2 targeting Canada, UK, Australia and Germany. Split spend 90% Tier 1 and 10% Tier 2 countries.


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Influencers based campaigns

Hiring influencers (via TikTok mainly is essential). Use them to create content for ads, not for an ROI positive influencer campaign, that’s too hard to achieve on a small scale.

  • Pay out influencers based on performance if you can. Again, this isn’t to make sure you’re ROI positive, it’s to make sure interests are aligned so their videos make for great ads.
  • Buy / negotiate the right to use your influencer’s videos in your ads. Don’t use them without asking! Use them in your AAA campaigns.


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  • Target users with ad creatives, not with ad settings. Its always cheaper to cast a wider net with open targeting – videos & text will attract users who resonate with the problem your solving and the solution you are advertising.
  • Ask “who do you think would benefit most from using your app?” These responses are your personas. Make ad creatives for each of your personas.


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Don’t hide old feature releases from new users. They aren’t as curious as you think. Take screen recordings of new features as you release them. Send email + push notification tips on how to use them. Send every 48 hrs. Start from the beginning for each new user


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