The future of remote work, according to 6 experts - Deepstash
The future of remote work, according to 6 experts

The future of remote work, according to 6 experts


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The future of remote work, according to 6 experts

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Remote Work: The Untold Effects

Whether you’re a remote work booster or a skeptic, there are lots of unanswered questions about what happens next for remote work, especially as the pandemic restrictions continue to fade and as fears of a recession loom.

It turns out there’s a dangerous line between arguing for remote work and arguing yourself out of a job. And since remote work makes employees less visible, they will have to find other ways to let higher-ups know they exist or risk being passed over for pay raises.


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Remote Work: The Future

Remote work will also have long-lasting effects on the built environment, requiring office owners to renovate and allowing employees the potential for a higher quality of living.

One thing that's clear is that remote work is not going away. There are, however, a number of ways to make it better and more commonplace and to ensure that it doesn't harm you more than it helps.


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Changes Required For Remote Work

  • Firms must have clear performance metrics that can be verified using quantitative data so that remote workers can know in real-time how they are performing.
  • Companies need better ways to onboard new workers and get them involved in corporate culture.
  • They also need to improve remote workers' ability to connect with different parts of the organization and create better ways for them to manage new idea generation and creativity.
  • Management has to get comfortable with a total paradigm shift.


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Career Advancement

Working remotely significantly reduces your opportunities to build relationships with people who can influence your career.

There is a risk that those people who get more face time are naturally at an advantage to advance faster than others.


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The Workplace

Offices will still exist - they will just evolve. The most sought-after locations, the most desirable amenities, and the most productive space design will continue to morph as population migration and work patterns settle into a new place.

The physical office as a place to gather, innovate, and connect cannot easily be replaced.


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Greener Pastures

A record nearly one-third of homebuyers looked to relocate out of their home metro in the second quarter of 2022.

Working-from-home workers will be more likely to move to the suburban fringe, where land is cheaper and the homes are newer.

Remote workers will also seek out beautiful areas that offer them the leisure opportunities they desire.


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The Payscales

Some companies are localizing pay for their workers who relocate and work remotely, but plenty are letting remote workers keep their high salaries.

The biggest winners will be coastal workers who move to more affordable places and maintain their salary. They'll find their money goes much further, not just for housing but for other goods and services.


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Hiring From Other Countries

Companies that require monthly face-to-face interaction at the corporate headquarters will be less likely to engage in offshoring.

In an era of tight domestic labour markets with restricted immigration, moving jobs overseas is one common solution.


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Remote Work And Recession

  • Remote work will increase as firms cut costs and push people towards remote.
  • Recessions have lasted longer because it takes time for workers to move to job opportunities. Hopefully, this recession is shorter than historical recessions because of remote work.


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