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A Plan Is Not a Strategy
A Plan Is Not a Strategy
A Plan Is Not a Strategy


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A Plan Is Not a Strategy

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Planning is old.

Strategy is new.

Strategy and planning is not the same.

People plan and do a lot of work but without a strategy they fail.


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An integrative set of choices that position you on a playing field of your choice in a way that you win.

Strategy has a theory not a proof.

A strategic theory must be coherent and doable.

Planning has no coherence to it. Its a list of what departments want with no internal coherence and company goal as a collective.


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Plans are quite comforting, It's about the resources you are going to spend. It's on the cost side of businesses.

Who controls your cost? You control the cost, You are the customer! It's comfortable because you control them.


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The tricky thing about planning is that while you're planning, chances are at least one competitor is figuring out how to win.


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Startegy will have angst associated with it. It'll make you somewhat nervous.

You can't prove in advance that your strategy will succeed.

Accept the fact that you can't know for sure.

Lay out the logic of your strategy clearly.

Keep it short - ideally 1 page, do not complicate.


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What would have to be true about ourselves, about industry, about competition, about customers for this strategy to work?

Why do you do that? It's because you can then watch the world unfold.


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Strategy is a journey.


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I have been in the rut of planning after winning with strategy earlier, it takes real mental clarity, It's a wonderul resource. Thank you!