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Mentally strong habits

Mentally strong habits


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Mentally strong habits

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1. Delay Gratification

The ability to delay gratification can be a big predictor of success Mentally strong people have the ability to prioritize the long term over short term pleasure.


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2. Show up on the Toughest Days

Often it's the days when you don't feel like showing up that end being the most important ones. Providing to yourself that you can show up on tough days builds your resilience and mental strength.


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3. Positive Self-Talk

One of the fastest ways to tear down your mental toughness is by speaking negatively to yourself. Mentally strong people understand the importance of being your own biggest supporter.


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4. Don't dwell on things

Allowing a problem or situation to dominate your mind, is another quick way to lose resilience. Mentally strong people focus on what is within control and take action on it as soon as possible.


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5. Practice Empathy

Mentally strong people don't take things personally. They seek to understand the viewpoint of others and use it to from stronger relationships.


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