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A World Without Email Summary

A World Without Email Summary


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A World Without Email Summary

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A World Without Email – Book Summary

A World Without Email presents a utopia where people engage in their usual professional activities without using emails as a means of communication, and explores a new way of working that doesn’t rely on instant messaging, which is known for decreasing productivity.

Your usual workday probably looks something like this: you get to work, check your emails for the first hour, and then you get to the practical side of things. You probably take a coffee break soon, check your emails again. The actual work done for the first half of the day doesn’t quite match the hours in the office.


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Throughout the day, you check your inbox more than you actually work. But that’s alright, cause everyone else does the same. However, you then stress about the overload of work you have left. So you take it upon yourself to stay in overtime and finish up work. The solution might seem obvious – just turn off notifications.

However, practice shows us that it’s not so easy to do so. Instead, A World Without Email argues that we should get rid of the inbox overall and boost communication and productivity through other means. 


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  • Emails kill productivity through the hyperactive hive mind workflow effect.
  • Management execution apps are far more effective than emails in the long run.
  • When you state your employee’s responsibilities in a clear manner, it’s more likely that they’ll get it done faster and better.


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Everyone uses emails at work – it’s just the way things are right now. Emails keep us connected and enhance collaboration within teams. Sounds good? That’s what the companies thought. However, it seems that communication through inboxes might do more harm than good.

On average, a worker checks their email every six minutes. One-third of our working day is spent navigating inboxes, and the average knowledge worker does an hour and 15 minutes of productive work a day, according to a study conducted by RescueTime.


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Emails are outdated project assignation tools, and for a reason. They decrease the attention span by keeping employees hooked to a constantly open tab. Not only that, but they also get messy and unstructured.


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Emails are a great means of communication, but what happens when we don’t know what to communicate? Most of the time, they get in the way of productivity. The problem with emails is that people feel productive writing and reading them when they’re in fact not productive at all.

Many times over management agents noticed how people pass around tasks and explanations because no one really knows how to deal with them. Responsibilities are often misassigned, unaligned with deadlines or objectives, or ambiguous for the receiving end. 


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A World Without Email is an informative piece of writing regarding the future of work without an inbox, instant messaging, and fast collaborative text apps.

The book presents an idea of the workplace where employees receive clearly-structured tasks and assigned responsibilities that they can fulfill without having to go back and forth about them on email apps.

Everything happens on management apps monitored by disseminators, and productivity spikes as an externality – doesn’t that sound great? It looks like we’ll have to try it out to see for ourselves.


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The 30-year-old worker who wants to take a peek into the future of a knowledge worker’s day at work, the 49-year-old executive who wants to shape a more productive work environment, or the 37-year-old start-up founder who wants to gain a competitive hedge by establishing effective practices at their company from the early days.


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Author Quote

“Passion comes after you put in the hard work to become excellent at something valuable, not before. In other words, what you do for a living is much less important than how you do it.”

-Cal Newport


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