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What is courageous leadership?

What is courageous leadership?


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What is courageous leadership?

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There are three main types of courage when it comes to courageous leadership in the workplace:

  • Try courage: the courage required to take the first step in something. You might fail, you might get it wrong, or you might do something completely incredible.
  • Trust courage: the type of courage required to relinquish control. As a leader, you will need this courage in order to delegate to your employees, to give over control to staff, and to show your team that you trust them.
  • Tell courage: the courage you need to speak openly and with conviction about your beliefs and ideas.


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  • Claim your courage. You have to be willing to climb over obstacles, to do what’s difficult, and to keep doing that every day.
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  • Revealing that you are vulnerable to your employees lets them see that you are human, just like them.
  • Confront reality head-on.
  • Seek feedback and actually listen.
  • Say what needs to be said. Real conversations are difficult to have, especially if there is conflict involved.
  • Communicate openly and often. Courageous leaders are open with their information. 
  • Give credit to others.
  • Hold yourself accountable.
  • Delegate to your employees.
  • Admit when you’ve made a mistake. Remove ego and pride from your leadership style. 
  • Change direction when required.


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