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Attachment Styles parallel to the lyrics of your favourite song

In a new study published in the journal Personal Relationships , Alaei and Department of Psychology professors, Geoff Macdonald and Nicholas Rule, found that people's individual attachment styles correspond with the lyrics of their favorite songs. In other words, we tend to return to the tunes that spell out what we're going through in a relationship, for better or for worse.


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4 Main Attachment Styles

  • Anxiously attached people worry about being rejected and seek a lot of reassurance about their relationships.
  • Avoidant attached people respond to their negative expectations of relationships by closing off emotions and intimacy in favor of independence.
  • People with a mixed attachment style have confused expectations, fluctuating between clingy and cold.
  • Secure people have optimistic outlooks on relationships, and are open communicators and trust their partners.


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According to the University of Toronto study, those who displayed Secure attachment styles favoured tracks that portrayed secure attachment in the lyrics like All of Me by John Legend

Anxious attachment styles contrastingly went for songs like Someone like you by Adele

While, “Avoidants” chose songs like Irreplaceable by Beyoncé.


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Music can be a powerful exacerbator of that because it can stir up deep emotions and memories, thus reinforcing your wounded traumas.


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If we’re listening to music that reflects our relationship back at us, is that helping or hindering our relationship skills?

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