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Online symptom-checkers are usually inaccurate

Online symptom-checkers are usually inaccurate
Googling your health symptoms will get you an inaccurate diagnosis two-thirds of the time according to new research.


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Online symptom checkers accuracy

Online symptom checkers accuracy

We have all been there at least once in our life: when dealing with pain, we tend to first ask our most trusted friend- the Internet- what the solution could be.

In terms of health issues, however, research has shown that online symptom checkers are wrong about 67 percent of the time.



Go see a doctor

While you should definitely treat the diagnosis set by online symptom checkers with enough doubts, you can actually pretty much trust their accuracy when it comes to internet triage advice: they send you to see a doctor at quite the proper time.

So, if you find yourself as being one of the so-called 'cyberchondriacs', be cautious about what and who you believe when it comes to your own health.


The online medical sources

Whenever you feel under the weather, you should definitely first get the opinion of a doctor on the matter.

However, once you have got his or her opinion, you can allow yourself to use online medical sources in order to find out more details and possible cures, that should be applied with the appropriate caution.





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