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5 Rules to Do Everything Better

5 Rules to Do Everything Better

Curated from: The Art of Improvement

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Rule #1 Asses And Plan

Thinks about what you want to be better at

Questions like

  • How do you usually perform a certain task
  • Could you do it in less time
  • Could you use more efficient tools or materials?

Ask Yourself what do you need to change or improve on what could you do better at


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Rule #2: Focus On The Process

Anything worth doing is worth doing well so focus on the process of doing it don’t focus on the results but rather the small tasks that make up the goal.

Eliminate distractions and utilize concentration to be more productive and learn faster


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Rule #3 Education And Training

You need to be willingly to accept help while learning, Constantly consuming good information that increase your knowledge will better your life. Some ways to do this are

  • Take a class
  • Get professional help
  • read a book

make sure you have the right tools for the job


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Rule #4 Don’t Criticize Yourself

Recognize that you’re already doing good you just want to do better

  • Just believe in yourself look at how far you’ve come and keep growing


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Rule #5 Practice With Focus

Practice will almost always make you better at something. Constantly practice over time, it makes a difference even if it is just a little bit every day can help you to become an expert in a few years


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