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3 Principles to Take Better Care of Your Health

3 Principles to Take Better Care of Your Health

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❌ Don't gaslight yourself (or let others gaslight you)

For years, I had been having spasms of chest pains—even at rest. Doctors dismissed it because I was less than 20 years old at that time with good cholesterol levels.

However, the spasms became more frequent recently. I insisted on a scan, and that's how I found out recently about a small hole in my heart—a non-fatal, minor birth defect, but one that created abnormal test results nonetheless.

Unprovoked pain is a sign that something is wrong. Get it checked out if you can.


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❤️‍🩹 The body knows how to heal itself (but only if you allow it to)

Your body is built on:

  • hydration
  • nutrition
  • sleep
  • movement

If you lack any of these, it’s hard for your body to function, let alone heal itself. Give your body what it needs to recover.


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📈 Recovery is not linear

In the days following my migraine attack, I expected myself to return to “business as usual”.

On some days, I succeeded. But on others, I simply couldn't focus.

Eventually, I opted to rest without guilt. Maybe I was being lazy, and I could’ve gotten things done if I persisted or had more discipline. But I could also be sabotaging my recovery process and trigger another full-blown migraine attack.

Your body will recover, just not immediately. Being patient with the process helps you get through the not-so-good times.


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Consult ChatGPT on your symptoms*

*: ChatGPT is NOT a healthcare professional, but it can aggregate data better than Google.

  1. Ask ChatGPT what possible conditions can be associated with your unique set of symptoms
  2. Ask your healthcare professional if you could have the medical conditions ChatGPT listed. If they say no, ask why not.

The point is not to freak out at whatever ChatGPT suggests, but to get a second opinion and make sure nothing is left out.


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In the last week of February, I had a migraine attack that involved a right-sided headache and involuntary muscle contractions in my left limbs. Thanks to these three principles, I’ve learned how to take better care of myself.

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