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Peace Is Every Breath

Nano Hh's Key Ideas from Peace Is Every Breath
by Thich Nhat Hanh

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Recognize Happyness

Recognize Happyness

We can recognize happiness only when we remember the times of suffering!


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Understand And Loving

Understand And Loving

If we can see and understand our suffering, then we easily can see and understand the difficulties of the other person.


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Peace In Love

Peace In Love

When we think we're loving someone but we don't understand him, we end up hurting him.

Buddhism also teaches that we have to love ourselves before we truly can love anyone else.

True love brings joy, a sense of delight, and fulfillment. If your love feels stifling, if it makes you or your loved one cry all the time, that is not true love.

Or presence, our words, our actions, and even our thoughts should bring joy and delight.

And patience is one of the marks of true love.


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Mindful Breathing

Mindful Breathing

Mindful breathing is your seatbelt in everyday life-it keeps you safe here in the present moment. It's like when you're flying in an airplane. Whenever serve turbulence comes along, the seatbelt keeps you from getting thrown around the cabin.


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Handling Negative Habits

Handling Negative Habits

  • First of all, you need to know that an emotion is only that -an emotion - even though it may be the big, strong one. You are so much bigger, so much more than this emotion.
  • We may have much fear about the future because we don't know how is going to turn, and these worries and anxieties keep us from enjoying being here right now.
  • If we have too many worries, fears, and doubts, we have no room for living and loving. We need practice to let


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Shopping For Happyness

Shopping For Happyness

Mind fullness helps us to recognize more and more clearly the longer we practice - which things we need and want in our life, and which things we can do very well without. We can spend far less money on "stuff" without sacrificing any of our happiness.

Try not to shopping when you are hungry, tired, or distracted. Make a list in advance of the thing you need. The short time it takes to do this will be more than compensated for by the time you will save by not having to debate whether to vy additional things you don't need and maybe don't even really want.


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