The real reason lockdown is exhausting - Deepstash
Disruption Of Daily Habits

The ongoing lockdown, happening in varying degrees across the world, has presented humanity with new challenges, testing their patience and making adherence increasingly difficult. It has led to day-long video calls, irregular sleep patterns and lack of sunlight, which has made it an ordeal.

Before the lockdown, most people had a routine throughout their day, which was completely shaken up. The daily habits helped us make fewer momentary decisions(which require effort), which have now increased manifold. This spike in decision making from everything from how to work, what to wear, what to eat and how to commute, has resulted in decision fatigue.



In these times of confusion, when the best experts are clueless, the right choice is no longer a simple task but can require lots of effort.

Being without work also robs us of our daily motivations and the good parts of our job, like positive customer feedback or our feeling of being valued and wanted.


They unload our minds from our constant decision making, and provide us with ways to relax.

We have a finite amount of energy for solving the daily problems, as our attention is a resource that can be exhausted, making decisions harder as the day goes by.


The lack of natural communication and face-to-face interaction along with making most of the decisions in isolation has resulted in us being less empathetic or compassionate.

We need to identify small positives in the sea of problems around us and find meaning in life through unpleasant experiences. Example: Losing a job also means more time with family and loved ones.


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