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8 Ways To Master The Art Of Mindful Communication

8 Ways To Master The Art Of Mindful Communication


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8 Ways To Master The Art Of Mindful Communication

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To mindfully listen means to wait patiently for the other person to finish before we speak. Also, it means keeping our mind focused on the speaker, instead of wandering away.


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To mindfully converse and avoid conflicts, we need to try our best to refrain from judging the other person’s opinion, story or perspective. We should come to terms with the fact that there is no wrong or right — only different perceptions.


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Show understanding

Show others that you understand them. For example, say “I understand” or “I see what you mean.” It gives them a sense of comfort that their words and feelings are relatable.


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Put yourself in their shoes

To be ‘in someone else’s shoes’ is to respect their experience by imagining it’s us instead of them.

When we do this, we develop a better idea of what they’re feeling. 


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Not being present during communication can range from checking smartphones, watching TV or engaging in anything else during the actual discussion. 

To have a successful communication, we should put our activities aside and totally be with the person who’s talking.


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When it’s time to respond back, we tend to reply with a personal answer. We either tell a personal story or explain how we intimately feel about it. 

The first response must relate to the speaker. “I understand”  can be a good place to start. Then we can ask the person how they feel about it, what they are going to do, or ask them to elaborate.


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We should engage in conversations more lightly if we truly wish to mindfully communicate. 

Not taking things personally and responding in a non-aggressive way are good baby steps toward accomplishing this goal.


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Don’t harm

Remain kind and compassionate with other people during communication.


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