The Culture Bubble — Why You Stop Seeing Clearly and Start Acting Foolishly - Deepstash
The Culture Bubble — Why You Stop Seeing Clearly and Start Acting Foolishly

The Culture Bubble — Why You Stop Seeing Clearly and Start Acting Foolishly

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Shared beliefs of a culture bubble

It's not hard evidence that gives us our sense of certainty. Its the feedback of our peers that guides us to tell right from wrong.

We all have beliefs we feel passionate about. Perhaps it is that all animals deserve to be treated with compassion and respect. When someone forces us to act against our beliefs, we will feel our emotions rise. It is because our beliefs are deeply intertwined with our feelings. When our beliefs are threatened, we feel compelled to defend it.


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The culture bubble

The culture bubble

A culture bubble normalizes the good and bad of your company culture and slowly alter your perception. Your judgment ceases to be as sharp, and you stop asking questions. You may downplay its strengths and tolerate outdated or dysfunctional behaviors.

The longer people belong to a team, the more prone they are to getting trapped inside that culture. You may compete with your colleagues instead of other companies. After a while, it starts to feel normal. You may play it safe. After some time, it feels normal.


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The unwritten rules of a culture bubble

Unwritten rules are never formally agreed on. They emerge when we face a problem together and find a solution that gets the job done. Everyone shares the unwritten agreement and expects everyone to comply.

The unwritten rules become more powerful when the reason they came into use in the first place is no longer valid. Without hard evidence that what we are doing makes logical sense, we are forced to make things up.


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The habituation of a culture bubble

Habituation occurs when you grow accustomed to stimuli that happen repeatedly. The loud fridge, but you will later become used to it. People always being late for meetings can make you angry at first, but later on, you are not bothered by it.

Habituation has nothing to do with common sense or approval. We become habituated because "that is the way things work around here."


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Alan Alda

“Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in.”



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