Dining With Strangers

A restaurant has restorative effects on our psyche, and before it came to mean a place where people go to eat, it denoted a reviving cordial or broth.

Dining out along with strangers subconsciously makes us think about what all we share with them, like space and taste.


Why do people go to restaurants? It’s not about the food


  • Restaurants serve more than just food, but offer a sense of timelessness, creating enchanting spaces for us to feel ‘cocooned’ for a short while.
  • Good, popular eating places are loved because of the buzz inside them, a glow that provides a sense of belonging and warmth.


Restaurants become a celebrated place to eat when they realize that it is not about serving food, but about serving their customers needs. They become a social place to eat, to herd together and celebrate, something done from primitive times.

Dining out at a good restaurant tends to become a theatrical performance, with each move painstakingly choreographed.


Restaurants that do well are the ones that cater to a wide range of customers and understand what their customers might want to do there. Many want to socialize, attend a business meeting or an interview, a date or even a break-up.

Apart from food, many details like the level of privacy, acoustics, lighting, the upholstery and even the level of interference come into play in order to provide an impeccable dining experience to the customer.


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