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I Hope This Email Finds You Well

I Hope This Email Finds You Well


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I Hope This Email Finds You Well

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The generic email greeting

The common email greeting is often an empty, yet necessary, formality. And these generic, surface-level greetings have probably harmed our relationships in some instances.

Rather than to mention the context in which we're all living, we should learn to be honest about what we're going through. Showing some vulnerability can deepen the connections with the people in our life.


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It can be difficult to know how to approach writing to a colleague now, especially when you want to find a balance between being vulnerable and professional.

Acknowledging what a co-worker is going through can make them feel really cared about. However, don't feel obligated to include such a personal note in every email. Generally, it is better to save personal information for a phone call or video chat.


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Research shows that people will read more into your email and find your email more negative if they don't know you well.

Before sending your next email, give it an emotional proofread. Put yourself in the receiver's shoes, and try to imagine what you would feel if you received this email. Don't overthink your greetings and signoffs, either. A kind, real, and straightforward check-in could be enough.


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