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How to Be Mindful While Grocery Shopping

How to Be Mindful While Grocery Shopping
Plan your trip in advance. Knowing what you need at the store can help you avoid unwanted distractions.


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Grocery Shopping With Mindfulness

Grocery Shopping With Mindfulness

Shopping for groceries can feel like an unpleasant chore, which it shouldn’t be.

You can use the task as an opportunity to learn about yourself and be open to the experience, by using mindfulness.




How To Be Mindful While Grocery Shopping

  1. Plan your trip keeping a list with you.
  2. Take deep breaths as you are about to enter the supermarket/store.
  3. As you shop, notice the smells, sounds, colors and shapes, while being aware of your basket and your walk and not letting your mind wander in thoughts.
  4. Select your groceries with care, understanding their ingredients, and see if you are buying animal products that can be avoided.
  5. Pay gratitude to the fact that you have an abundance of food and so many choices.




The 30-Day Rule

The 30-Day Rule

One can develop healthy spending habits and avoid wasting money by using the simple 30-day rule: Whenever there is an urge to spend on something, just wait for 30 days.

One can buy...

The Emotional Component of A Purchase

  • Marketers capitalize on the emotional component of any purchase while working hard towards ensuring consumers make ‘impulse’ purchases both online and offline.
  • Many people purchase due to their need for emotional fulfilment, indulging in shopping therapy and incurring credit card debt.
  • This leads to random, unused stuff lying in the house, which is not really needed.

When Everything Is On Sale

Most stores use the ‘SALE’ marketing gimmick (both online and offline) so that we can splurge our money now, instead of waiting.

The system is gamed for us to spend our money wherever we go. We need to stop wondering where our money went and start telling it where to go.

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Mindlessness, or going on autopilot, can result in missing the good things in life or ignoring important information about relationships or health.

The antidote is to practice to pay more car...

Tips to practice Mindfulness

  • Allow your mind to wander and gently return awareness to your breath sensation.
  • Notice any tendency to be hard on yourself. See this kind of judgment and gently return awareness to your breath.
  • Embrace relaxation and being present with awareness.
  • Expect to notice more things, including more painful things.
  • Practice staying present. Stay open to all the possibilities in each situation.
  • Be careful not to try too hard. Experience life directly as it unfolds, paying careful and open-hearted attention.
  • When starting a new activity

    Start a meeting with 2 minutes of silence, your attention focussed on your breath. Or take a few mindful breaths before starting your exercise routine.

    Relaxation as an alternative

    There are plenty of ways to achieve relaxation without sitting cross-legged on the floor. They’re all rooted in a technique called “the distraction method.”

    The method consists of d...

    Activities to calm your brain

    1. Arts and crafts, including but not limited to coloring, pottery and knitting.
    2. All varieties of yoga.
    3. Go for a walk. Notice how your breath feels. Notice your feet walking.
    4. Singing, humming and whistling.
    5. Free-writing before bed.
    6. Cooking is filled with basic tasks that let you focus on all sorts of sights, smells, tastes and textures.