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7 Signs You're Mistaking Compatibility For Love

7 Signs You're Mistaking Compatibility For Love

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Feeling Safe

Feeling Safe

A relationship based on compatibility can make you feel safe and content. Relying on that feeling can become a problem if you become too dependant on your partner.


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Not needing to feel vulnerable

Not needing to feel vulnerable

When you're in love, you should be comfortable to reveal your good and not-so-great emotions.


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Your Relationship Is "Nice"

Your Relationship Is "Nice"

If you can only describe your relationship as nice, but it lacks the spark of attraction, it may be difficult to be happy in the long-term. 


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There Are No Surprises

There Are No Surprises

Some people fall in love with someone they never thought would be a good fit. 

Be open to date outside of your 'type'. Try and find someone that surprises or challenge you.


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You want to change your partner

You want to change your partner

If you find a list of flaws in your partner that you want to change, you may be focussed on compatibility. 

Love is comfortable in accepting your partner without thinking of ways to change them.


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Desiring an ideal relationship

Desiring an ideal relationship

When you are in love, you won't constantly think about what your current relationship is lacking.

If you continually feel that your relationship is missing something, you may need to go find someone who behaves in the way you desire.


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You Don't See Them In Your Future

You Don't See Them In Your Future

You may have similar views and enjoy doing fun activities together, but this may not be enough to hold your relationship together in the long run.

It is also important to be romantically compatible.


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How we talk to each other determines a big part of how we live.

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