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Here’s how neuroscience can make you a more mindful leader

Here’s how neuroscience can make you a more mindful leader

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Mindful Leading With Neuroscience

  • As businesses get more competitive and complex, with companies being under unprecedented pressure, there is a need for leaders to be strategic, instead of just transactional.
  • Business culture, mindsets and the entire people landscape in a corporate setting can be understood to a good extent using neuroscience.
  • Executive, or the planning of the work that is to be executed, is only possible if the focus of attention is on the goal, and any habitual response that takes us away from our long-term goals is avoided.


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The Habit Center Of The Brain

  • We all share our basic region of the brain, known as the basal ganglia, with other animals and reptiles, the area responsible for our basic habits and core behaviour.
  • Habits tend to happen by default, without our being aware, especially when one is under stress. Businesses that work only on a transactional level do well, as all of their workings are automated, but they do not adapt to the constantly changing landscape.


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Strategic Leadership

Strategic leadership goes beyond automatic habits and provides us with a future vision to focus on, a ‘why’ to all our actions, ensuring that everything and everyone is aligned towards our executive functions.


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Mentalizing Your Future

Any strategic thinking travels from a transactional one (a low ground decision) towards a high-ground decision using mentalizing of employee, customer and client behaviour, working like an inner voice, a wise advocate that becomes a guiding light towards making your company, it’s employees and it’s customers happy, along with making the world a better place.

This ensures your organization thrives for decades rather than months.


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Mindfulness Is Strength

By being strategic and thinking long-term, we become mindful, adaptable, and can tackle the larger issues that will be on the table in the near future with ease, rather than being rattled with change.

Mindfulness provides the leaders with confidence, and the constant calibration keeps them agile, instead of just being a machine for expedient decisions.


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