An Inspiring Discussion With Simon Sinek About Learning Your 'Why' - Deepstash
An Inspiring Discussion With Simon Sinek About Learning Your 'Why'

An Inspiring Discussion With Simon Sinek About Learning Your 'Why'


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An Inspiring Discussion With Simon Sinek About Learning Your 'Why'

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A finite game is a game where we have defined set of rules, a limited number of players and a timer to say when the game is over. An infinte game is a game where there are always changes in the rules, unlimited number of players and no timer.

In the first one the game ends and the players continue their lives, in the second one is the other way around: the players come and go, but the game continues


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The players in the finite game just see their goal. The players in the infinite game play on the long term, to remain in the game as long as they can.

The difference in this 2 mindsets can be seen in this era, with the covid. The brands that played long-term, thinking about the client and not their own benefit, will keep their clients in this hard times


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If your company remains stubborn and won't try to keep up with trends, in the end, it will fail.

Very good example: BlockBusters who refused to evolve and take as example the new created firm, Netflix, to start selling subscriptions and not just renting). 30% of their profit came from the late fees. And the greed and inflexibility made them go bankrupt.


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A finite mindset is to set your goal in life to be the richest, to be the smartest, to be the greatest. And what you are willing to do for that? To steal, to fight, to hurt people

An infinite mindset is to live to help others. To make their life more beautiful and your happiness will come from that. And when you die, the memory of you will keep going in the hearts of all the people you helped


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The vision is very important in any field of our lives. As the name suggests it, the vision is something you can visualize in front of your eyes and will guide you to achieve your goal. Without it, you are just a feather in the wind

A limited vision won't get you far. If your vision includes the impact on others and the greater good, then you are going to win on the long term.


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