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“I’m Dreading This Week” and 2 Other Mindsets to Reframe Right Now

“I’m Dreading This Week” and 2 Other Mindsets to Reframe Right Now

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One mindset to capitalize on

One mindset to capitalize on

Studies show that positive thinking reduces stress, anxiety, boosts mood, and correlates with greater heart health.

Looking for the upside in every situation is entirely within your control. It is a skill that is wise to practice.


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The “I’m stuck” mindset

Sometimes we feel that we are out of solutions to the problem we face. However, uncertainty may be the launching pad for creativity.

When you feel stuck, try to tell yourself that being stuck is a good place to help you generate a lot of ideas. Even if your list of ideas feels crazy, that's often where some of the best ideas come from.


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Thinking “I’m dreading the week ahead”

When you feel anxious about the days ahead, it might be because there's a daunting task or conversation.

If you're feeling this way, try to pinpoint the source of the stress. Maybe you're running behind schedule, or you made a social plan you wish you hadn't. Once you know the cause, reframe it by listing a few possible positive outcomes to ward off undue worry and stress.


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“I will never get this done"

An intimidating project can sometimes make you feel like you can't see your way through it.

If you find yourself doubting your ability to finish a time-consuming task, think of a recent time where you overcame a similar hurdle. You can even write down or verbalise the specifics. "I finished on time and my manager congratulated me on a job well done." If you've done it once, you can do it again.


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