4 Ways to Know Your Goals Are Too Small | Brian Tracy - Deepstash
4 Ways to Know Your Goals Are Too Small | Brian Tracy

4 Ways to Know Your Goals Are Too Small | Brian Tracy

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Challenging your abilities

Challenging your abilities

A healthy goal forces us a little out of our comfort zone.

When your goals do not ask you to work harder, maintain a laser focus or get the blood pumping, it’s important to aim a tad higher.


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Creating a substantial life change

Creating a substantial life change

Robust goals take your current situation and enhance it to a noticeable level. 

Goals that don’t impact you in a meaningful fashion are often too small.


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Inspiring goals

Inspiring goals

One of the indicators that a goal is too small trails back to your lack of enthusiasm.

Inspirational goals garner your focus and call on your inner self to focus and stay on task. They have a pull that draws your attention and makes you want to achieve.


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Specific goals

Specific goals

Serious goals should include some level of detail, to emphasize your determination to reach them.

A general idea is fine, but you also need specifics: essential details about how to get from today to the day you earn the win.


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I am gonna win the day.

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