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Reach Peak Productivity With These 5 Strategies

Reach Peak Productivity With These 5 Strategies

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Be Intentional

The right metric for human performance is effectiveness, not efficiency.

Intentionally decide on the task at hand; intentionally perfect the conditions for working on that task; intentionally treat your body the way it needs to be treated.


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Recognize Your Decision Points

Recognize Your Decision Points

If we act on autopilot, unaware of the time and our surroundings, we are likely to gravitate to tasks that are easy or urgent.

Identify decision moments, and pause and reflect on your true priorities.


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Manage Your Mental Energy

For peak productivity, we must tackle our work when we have the mental energy for it. 

Identify your two best mental hours, and intentionally schedule your important work during that time.


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Stop Fighting Distractions

Stop Fighting Distractions

Our attention systems are designed to regularly discover what is new in our environment. 

To help you refocus, allow your mind to wander or take a few minutes to stare out the window. 


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Leverage Your Mind-Body Connection

Focus as much on your physical health as your mental health.

Stay hydrated, eat smaller meals more often, moderate your caffeine intake, exercise.


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Make Your Workspace Work For You

Make Your Workspace Work For You

Create a physical environment that is restorative rather than distracting.

Choose a quiet area, with bright and cool lighting and keep your desk uncluttered.


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"Time was God's first creation. " ~ Walter Lang

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