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Overcome 4 Massive Motivation Killers



Overcome 4 Massive Motivation Killers
"Better to do something imperfectly than to do nothing flawlessly." ~Robert H. Schuller For the entirety of my life I have had an external source of structure. I've very much thrived when both guided and held accountable by others.


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Fear Of Failure

Fear Of Failure

Perfectionism often leads to procrastination due to its overwhelming expectations. It’s often better to just try, regardless of whether or not circumstances are optimal.

You should put your best foot forward, but you do have to realize that at some point you’ll need to start taking steps forward and that failure is often necessary for success.




External Sources Of Structure

External Sources Of Structure

Having an external source of structure keeps you on task and accountable but prevents you from completely defining your own goals, and forces you to accept somebody else’s standards.
Living long enough under such a system can prevent you from developing critical skills to handle yourself and the motivation needed to fully exercise your freedom.



Lack Of Clear Goals

Lack Of Clear Goals

Without tangible realizations of your goals, you are going to struggle knowing where to start. We can mitigate the fear of failure by focusing on rewarding, enjoyable, and achievable goals.

Dreaming about your goals and believing that you can achieve them is the only way to really find motivation from within. Also, keep the big picture goals in mind, but remember that overcoming inertia and completing or even just planning smaller tasks related to it is better than staying stuck. 



Ignoring Your Health

Ignoring Your Health

Lack of proper sleep, rumination, poor hydration, lack of exercise, overconsumption of carbohydrates or stimulants, all will leave you demotivated and decrease your self-esteem, leading to depression. Which restarts the vicious cycle of negative thoughts and negative energy levels.

Physical neglect will rob you of feeling pleasure for any activity. You need to spot and stop the cycle as soon as you can. 



Loss Of Core Identity

Loss Of Core Identity

Knowing who you are and who you want to be is key to finding intrinsic motivation and better caring for yourself. A stronger sense of self, combined with re-committing to loving, humble, and honorable principles can keep you from straying off the path when you fail.

It takes work to uncover and stay true to yourself. Journaling can help you with that, the honesty that comes with it reminds you of who you are.




Motivation and creative work

Intrinsic motivation is necessary for creative work. We need broad thinking, so we can come up with innovative ideas and see new connections.

Extrinsic motivation narrows our t...

Elements of intrinsic motivation

The 3 elements required for intrinsic motivation:

  • Autonomy: it's about choice - when you believe you have a choice, you're more motivated.
  • Mastery: it's about wanting to get better at something that matters.
  • Purpose: it comes from believing you're working on something that's bigger than yourself.

Knowing our work helps others

When we know that our work will make a difference to someone else, it makes us work harder. 

Try to reach out to the people who directly benefit from your work. This could boost your motivation to work hard.

one more idea

Internal vs. external motivation

Internal motivation, the drive to achieve that comes from inside a person is the kind of motivation that can lead to life-changing improvements and well-being.

External ...


It means believing in your ability to perform a task and achieve goals. There are 3 ways to build self-efficacy:

  • Ensure early success. When first starting out, choose activities you're certain you can do successfully.
  • Watch others succeed in the activity you want to try.  This is particularly effective if the person you're observing is similar to you (friends, neighbors, co-workers).
  • Find a supportive voice. Personal trainers and coaches are skilled in giving appropriate encouragement, as are good friends (usually).

Fundamentally Independent Thinking (FIT)

A fundamentally independent thinker understands that nothing makes a person upset, angry, or depressed; rather, what a person thinks about the world determines how they feel

Routines and structure

Having no routine or structure is so much more draining mentally, physically, and emotionally than any routine could ever be. 

You're depriving your body and mind of the energy an...

Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy

"Good habits are hard to form but easy to live with. Bad habits are easy to form but hard to live with."

No e-mails in the morning

If you immediately check your email or social media accounts when you wake up in the morning, you’re starting your day off in reactive mode instead of proactive. It means spending the best part of the day on other people's priorities.