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5 Clear Ways to Remove Mental Clutter

5 Clear Ways to Remove Mental Clutter

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On Mental Clutter

On Mental Clutter

Setting clear boundaries between personal and work lives is key to maintaining flow and good mental health. The alternative creates mental clutter, a difficulty to think straight and focus due to disorganization.

Mental clutter means you rarely rest or feel truly satisfied. Set boundaries, properly manage your time and reduce your emotional reactivity to develop your focus, thus reducing mental clutter.


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Set Boundaries

Set Boundaries

Set clear boundaries regarding conversation topics at home and work—and stick to them. Talking about work at home, or about home at work should be avoided.

Of course, we can share stories of work with family and home life with colleagues, but don’t let these be the only conversations; open up, branch out and let other conversations be born in those spaces.


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Cleanse Through Writing

Cleanse Through Writing

Keep a journal for both work and home where you vent frustrations in order to maintain clear boundaries. By externalizing those feelings, your mental health improves and you are less likely to be overwhelmed.

We enrich our lives when we cleanse our mental spaces. We also open space for more activity, sharper thoughts and creativity.


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Be Mindful

Be Mindful

Be mindful in all activities and keep a clear mind. The distracted, overcharged, highly emotional brain reacts more and responds less.

A mind that concentrates is a healthy mind. If you are working, keep the mind there; if you are playing, don’t think about work.


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Be Unattached

Be Unattached

Observe thoughts and let them float away. Thoughts come unannounced, but it’s best to just notice them and watch them disappear rather than give them attention.

Reminding ourselves that all thoughts and feelings are temporary removes attachment and alleviates the pressure of a mind full of unnecessary thoughts and feelings.


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Create Compartments

Create Compartments

Living and work spaces that feel and look clean will facilitate a more balanced lifestyle. We save time looking for things we lost, feel more professional and increase focus, which in turn augment productivity.

Start cleaning up the clutter, the brain will soon follow suit. If nothing else, it’s easier to work in an organized place. 


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