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Decluttering Mental Clutter | The Minimalists

Decluttering Mental Clutter | The Minimalists

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Past Troubles And Mental Clutter

Past Troubles And Mental Clutter

We tend to ruminate on issues from the past and condemn ourselves over them. But that’s counterproductive; more often than not those issues are no longer relevant or were out of our control.

When you catch yourself ruminating, ask yourself if it’s necessary or useful and if you had a choice in the matter, to begin with. It will help you discern what matters, so you can go easier on yourself. 


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Circumstances And Mental Clutter

Circumstances And Mental Clutter

Our circumstances can add to mental clutter, and inertia often leaves us stuck with it. But we can and should change our circumstances if they are not working in our favor.

Clearing physical clutter, stepping away from toxic people and environments, ensuring financial, mental and physical health are all things you can do to better your life and decreased mental clutter.


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Health And Mental Clutter

Health And Mental Clutter

Your mind and body are one. It’s much easier for a physically unhealthy person to experience a poor mental state.

Things like lack of sleep, improper eating habits and lack of exercise, among others, can throw your internal balance in disarray and with it, bring mental clutter.


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