Feel like you don't fit in? Here's how to find where you truly belong - Deepstash
Feel like you don't fit in? Here's how to find where you truly belong

Feel like you don't fit in? Here's how to find where you truly belong

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Nilofer Merchant

"To find your people, you have to know how to signal your passions and interests and seek out theirs."



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Communities based on practice

This type of group is united by a common activity but it's not limited to a professional one.

It also works for hobbies and interests. 


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Communities based on proximity

This is a group based on being of or in a certain place.

To build such communities, use dedicated websites or use geolocation on your social media to find information about upcoming events, news and people close to you that you might find interesting.


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Communities based on passion

This is a group driven by a shared interest in a particular subject (for example, anti-animal abuse).

It is slightly different from a community based on a common activity.


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Communities based on providence

Provident communities are the product of seemingly random connections (like meeting friends in high school who introduce you to your future funders on Kickstarter).

However, this process is not as random as it appears. 


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Communities based on purpose

Purposeful communities are those that share a vision of the world. They don’t always have user groups and are often not geography dependent. 

Finding people with a common purpose means finding those who share a concrete commitment to a specific cause, and this involves a more sophisticated method of signaling and seeking.


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Synergy, that's what working with others is all about.

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