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Why change is so damn hard, according to science

Why change is so damn hard, according to science

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Change And The Brain

Change And The Brain

Our brain makes strong connections based on repetitive thoughts and actions in order to expend less energy. Change makes your brain diverge from those established connections, so it resists.

Constantly redirecting our natural tendencies, to new ones, our bodies eventually adapt and adjust.


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Make Change Stick Around

Make Change Stick Around

Acknowledge what you want to change, observe and wonder why you are the way you are.

When you catch yourself repeating an unwanted habit, stop, remember you’re doing it out of habit and that it isn’t the right thing to do. 


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Label your negative habit as a symptom of something deeper. Get to know your false beliefs. Ask, “Why do I behave or think this way? ”.

Once you notice yourself engaging in the habit, refocus on a positive, wholesome, ideally pleasure-giving activity.


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Get Support And Act

Get Support And Act

We often don’t notice our repetitive behavior unless someone is there as a mirror. Having someone we trust aware of the issue adds accountability and a way of measuring progress for the changes we seek.

Regardless of the support, you must take the initiative and act by yourself. Procrastination will only keep you in the same state if not worse.


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