3 Steps To Achieve Personal Freedom - Darius Foroux - Deepstash
3 Steps To Achieve Personal Freedom - Darius Foroux

3 Steps To Achieve Personal Freedom - Darius Foroux


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3 Steps To Achieve Personal Freedom - Darius Foroux

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Unfree in a Free World

We all are unfree in a free world. We do things we are obliged to do. We spend money on things we are told by society to spend on.

We are responsible for our lives, while we mistakenly think that our parents, siblings, teachers, friends or other outsiders are responsible for them.


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Awareness in Action

If we have to do something even if we don't want to do it, it is not freedom, whatever the reason for doing it may be.

Doing something should be your conscious decision and choice.


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What Imprisons You

You need to make certain sacrifices and get out of your comfort zone to experience real freedom.

We can be imprisoned by certainty, by the lies we tell ourselves, even stuck with incompatible people. We can be caged with the fear of losing money, or expectations, or even debt. We can be caged by our need to help people or to please people, or hope that they like our ideas. We can be imprisoned by our idea of happiness the endless entertainment options we have. as well.


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Plan Your Freedom

  • Note down the skills you naturally possess or have acquired in the past.
  • Once that is done, just list down the work you could do with those skills. 
  • Once you hone into the zone of what you can do with your skills, simply find out what you love to do. 

You can do anything you aspire, spend time with people you like, and own a career that you love.


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