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6 Principles I Use to Learn Anything

6 Principles I Use to Learn Anything

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The right angle

Everyone is naturally curious about the world around them. 

Simply ploughing through a topic and hoping it sticks is not going to work that well. Instead, approach your task by searching for something real to you that has a relationship with that particular subject. 


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An active approach

If you not only want to learn the facts, but you also want to use what you learn, then you need to use the information as you learn it.

Actively using and applying the book knowledge has a far better outcome than only learning the theory.


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Ask and answer

For every question that arises while you are trying to learn something new, do two things:

  1. Ask the question to an expert or mentor, or even just a friend or Google.
  2. Keep asking until you get the question answered. Do not allow multiple questions to build up and go unanswered.


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Pacing yourself

Learning anything new that is slightly complicated takes time.

It is a marathon, not a sprint. Don't burn yourself out by going all-out constantly.


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Making failure work for you

If you hit a wall or find yourself unable to grasp and apply a specific concept, know that it is all part of the learning process.

There is a solution to every problem, and you can find it. Even if it involves trying harder, or asking better or more questions, or finding a new mentor, the answer is out there.


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Surround yourself as much as possible with your subject.

Join and participate in groups and communities of people that are passionate about the same topic.


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"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." - Benjamin Franklin

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