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The Surprising Emotion That Improves Focus

The Surprising Emotion That Improves Focus

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Sadness can be good

Sadness can be good

We live in a culture that is so focused on happiness and how to be happier. Yet sadness is a universal emotion that helps us to connect with our own feelings.

Sometimes, we need to have a good cry or let out pent up frustration. Sad movies, books and songs help us do that.


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The power of sadness

Sadness is beneficial to us in a way that actually enhances our well-being.

Sadness can help us remember details more accurately, have better judgment, and have more motivation. It allows us to know ourselves better and it increases our empathy for others. Sadness helps us to slow down and feel.


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Occasional sadness

Occasional sadness

Occasional sadness can sharpen your focus and even lead you to creative breakthroughs with your work.

So, read that sad novel or listen to that mournful song. Watch that melancholy movie. You will emerge with a lighter heart.


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