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Telling stories: why your elderly relatives are the best storytellers

Telling stories: why your elderly relatives are the best storytellers
Humans have told stories to each other for thousands of years. Before the advent of widespread literacy, the oral transmission of stories was a primary form of entertainment and instruction. Some of these stories have been preserved as folktales or epic poems and can be quite lengthy, running to thousands of lines.


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Storytelling is a complex cognitive task on our mind, requiring an application of our short-term, working, and long-term memory.




Remembering Complex Stories

Remembering Complex Stories

Earlier writings of folktales and complex stories required the story writers to use some crafting of words and sentences, using repetition and rhyme to aid recall.



Effective Storytelling

Effective Storytelling

Elders and the aged people are able to tell stories in a more engrossing, entertaining way.

This may be due to a difference in the emotional quotient or the ability to capture and narrate human emotions and feelings, as opposed to mere facts and figures of a story.




Ancient stories that shaped history

Ancient stories that shaped history

Alexander the Great learned to read and write by studying Homer's Iliad. Thanks to his teacher, the philosopher Aristotle, he had done so with unusual intensity. When Alexander embarked on his ...

The importance of poetry

Chinese literature is based on the Book of Songs, a collection of simple poems that have accrued much interpretation and commentary.

The Book of Songs enshrined poetry as the most important form of literature across East Asia.

Stories shape language

As more and more parts of the world became literate, new technologies such as paper and print increased the reach and influence of written stories. More readers meant new stories started to appear.

When Dante Alighieri wrote his Comedy in the spoken dialect of Tuscany, it helped to turn the dialect into a legitimate language we now call Italian.

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