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Do Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses Actually Do Anything?

Do Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses Actually Do Anything?

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An emerging industry

60 % of Americans experience a range of symptoms of digital eyestrain (itchy, dry, and red eyes) due to extended time in front of the screen.
With this new fear, the industry of blue-light-filtering glasses has emerged over the last few years.


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The real danger

Digital eyestrain and the negative effects of blue light on your eyes are two different problems. We actually get more blue light exposure from the sun.
The real problem is not blue light in itself, it's staring at a screen for hours without breaks. And for this, there are no special glasses that can help.


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Digital eyestrain

The symptoms associated with it can appear every time we focus on anything, from reading a book, looking at a screen, or watching TV.
To reduce it, you can shift your eyes every 20 minutes onto something that is 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. And if this is not working, try artificial tears, to lubricate your eyes.


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When blue-light glasses work

They can be useful at night, when the blue light coming from screens is more likely to disrupt our sleep schedule (because blue light is associated by our body with daytime.
It help avoiding any type of screens up to 4 hours before going to sleep.


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