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Why Long Walks Will Change Your Life

Why Long Walks Will Change Your Life

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Nature walks

It is refreshing to walk through nature, absorbed by the trees, the leaves, the sprays of sunlight, the crawling insects, the wet mud, the simple and forgotten things.

If one is attentive enough, every walk is an opportunity to see new sights and hear new sounds.


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Walk without a plan

When going on a long walk, there is nothing to achieve. The beauty is in the walking itself, in noticing the air, marveling at the oak trees.

It is while we are absorbed in the landscape that ideas arrive. Stories unfold. Poetry and rhyme, answers to dreaded questions.


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Nature refreshes us

In nature, you leave yourself behind. In the repetition of walking, you empty yourself; you free yourself of opinion and expectation. In this state, your mind begins to clear and is able to bring forth wisdom.


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Unstoppable Self-Love & Self-Respect

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