An anthropologist explains why we love holiday rituals and traditions - Deepstash
An anthropologist explains why we love holiday rituals and traditions

An anthropologist explains why we love holiday rituals and traditions

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Why Holidays Feel Special

Why Holidays Feel Special

  • Holidays are filled with family get-togethers, rituals and many things that make us smile.
  • This period is bursting with sensory treats: great food, beautiful colors and lights, sounds of bells, crackers, or whistles, and the warmth of loved ones.
  • Family rituals are valuable, offering a large number of psychological benefits, like reconnecting with our loved ones, and a break from routine.
  • We let go of our anxiety and uncertainty and recite blessings, raise a glass of toast and perform increasingly meaningful rituals.


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Family Traditions

Prayers, toasts, recitals, or singing Christmas carols are basically structured, and repetitive actions that lower anxiety and make the world a bit simpler.

Festive meals are always the main attraction, with special attention to home-cooked treats. Many cultures have elaborate rituals related to how food is cooked, served or eaten. From cooking seven different kinds of curry to spit-roasting a lamb on Easter, many cooking rituals are time-honoured and make the festival special.


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The Art Of Giving

The gift-giving ritual is not to be taken lightly and is extremely crucial to maintain social ties and create reciprocal actions filled with love and respect.

Even if the gift choices are pre-planned, the ritual of exchanging gifts has tremendous value and significance.


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Rituals: The Family Glue

Holiday rituals are a significant bonding process for the entire family, especially young children. The joyous or silly rituals, great food, gifts and reconnection become the real reason for being alive.

Group identity and belongingness play a huge factor in all the members of the family, including the in-laws. The festive rituals are perfect for family harmony and often have ‘peak’ moments that are unforgettable.


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